About MaxRax

MaxRax is a Calgary based company created and designed by Max Coulson in 2002 as a way for his son, Ryan, to have a place to store his skateboard so it wouldn't be lying around the house in random spots. Soon after developing this one-off product, Max began receiving requests from other parents in the neighbourhood that found themselves in the same situation with skateboarding kids who had no appropriate 'home' for their gear when they weren't using it.
Based on this positive response, Max began fine-tuning his design to perfect what is now the MaxRax Skateboard Holder and the result is the best solution for what kids are to do with their skateboards when they aren't using them. Parents no longer need to worry about wheel-stained walls and accidentally stepping on a stray board lying in the middle of the hallway, and the kids can now take responsibility with their board by putting it in its proper space that also displays the art of their board!
Once the skateboard holder was perfected, Max set his sights on the winter season and developed the MaxRax Ski and Snowboard Holder which has snow enthusiasts comforted in knowing their equipment is properly stored, protected, and saving space when the family isn't out on the slopes!
In 2017, Max, being an inventor at heart, decided to move on from MaxRax to focus on new endeavours and presented the opportunity to current owners, Brock Heartwell and Jordan Fleming, to carry the MaxRax products into the next generation.
Brock and Jordan, lifelong friends and business partners in Youth Brigade Snow and Skate - a snowboard and skateboard retail store in Calgary - carried the MaxRax products in their store since its opening in 2014 and jumped at the opportunity to continue forward with the brand. Having worked with the MaxRax products for a number of years and being avid snowboarders and skateboarders themselves, the boys' strong belief in the quality and benefit of MaxRax made the decision to acquire the brand and easy one!
"Everyday we see parents and kids come into the store and see the MaxRax on display and jaws drop when we show them how it works! The parents love the organizational solution, and the kids get excited to see they can hang their boards on wall of their bedroom when they're at home! Almost every kid that gets one comes back in a couple days later to share with us where they put it and how they have fun showing their friends how it works!" - Jordan
Easy to install and even easier to use, the MaxRax line of products is the best solution for every skateboard and Winter mountain resort family!
"We're excited for you to try it yourself!" - Brock